Green BD Map V2.4 For 1.35.x.x

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Green BD map is one of the most beautiful map of Bangladesh. This is one of the best update of this map. There is fully realistic road of Rangamati which is the one of the best natural tourist place of Bangladesh. So, this update is very special for all. There are a review of this map. You can see the beauty of Green BD Map.This map is being reworked by Sadman Sakib Andalib bro. Specially thanks to him for his great work. He reworked for 1.31 version and I just converted it and make compatible on 1.35.

*[ Note: It is only for 1.35 & Profile is also given in this file.This is standalone ]

Please see the Review of this map :

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Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work. Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map for 1.35. And always support me for work similar to this one!!!

Sadman Sakib Andalib


6 thoughts on “Green BD Map V2.4 For 1.35.x.x

  1. RayFiftyOne

    Your late. Were allready have 1.37 beta.

    1. No, not for ETS2, only for ATS ! ?

  2. Would Love For 1.36 Or 1.37

  3. Octavian101

    It’s a nice map and I’m sure about that but if it’s not working with the latest game version then it’s a waste of time and effort.

  4. diese BD Maps crashen immer.habe noch nie eine davon zum laufen bekommen.Zeitverschwendung der Schrott.

    1. ???

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