Griffin White Skin for RJL’s Scania R (v2.2)

Skin for RJL’s Scania R (v2.2)

made especialy for 3 axle scania R and Streamline topline

some of the mods used for my truck as shown in the pictures;
-Scania R S v2.2 by RJL
-Abasstreppas wheelpack 3.0
-BKC Accessory Pack
-Hella Double Burners by abasstreppas
-abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack 1.0
-Small Lights with Turn Signals by DNK
-DAF XF 105 by Stanley v 1.6 (tyres)

**feel free to share but respect the author and the downloadlink**

Tested game version

special thanks to xXTruckerXx for his SCS Scania Streamline White Griffin Limited Edition skin of wich i used the Griffin logo

Rits, RJL, SCS, xXTruckerXx


2 thoughts on “Griffin White Skin for RJL’s Scania R (v2.2)

  1. dont wwanne say anything but where is the top part of the white griffin

  2. christian krijgsman

    What mod are those light on the mirror and the light on the bumper

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