GT-Mods Heavy Duty Bumper for RJL’s Scania R&Streamline

This mod adds a “Mark 4” heavy duty bumper to RJL’s Scania R & Streamline.
Mod comes with:
-4 bumper types: plastic, paint and 2 paint/plastic combos
-propper heavy duty grill in dark and painted variants
-propper bumper lights
-heavy duty headlight covers in multiple variants (should work with all bumpers) – you can find them in “fogrings” tuning accessory
-skinning template for painted parts (included in the .zip file)

Download contains a .zip file – that is your mod, just place it in your mod folder , activate it ingame and you’re good to go.

Bumpers are available on levels 21-24.

This version of the mod doesn’t contain any engine badges, they will be added in future releases.

Mod is made with SCS:BT, so it should be fully compatible with OpenGL.

Mod is compatible with ETS2 1.27 and higher

Scaniac, RJL, Wolfi, GT-Mods Team


7 Responses to GT-Mods Heavy Duty Bumper for RJL’s Scania R&Streamline

  1. mstfcbngl says:

    it doesn’t work for me

  2. Ska02man says:

    Not working

  3. GT-Mike says:

    Sorry – wrong download link.
    Propper download link here:

  4. Ska02man says:

    It’s not working

  5. Dalsecco says:

    The file still broke!

  6. Nat8416 says:

    I found this link for this mod, normally it’s the right link (its worked for me) :

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