GTM LED Sunvisors Scania


This is a fully standalone mod – nothing replaced.
This mod adds 2 standalone GTM LED Sunvisors for Scania trucks. Sleek and modern designs.
Sunvisors fit all cabs in the following Scania trucks:
-SCS Scania R2009
-SCS Scania Streamline
-GTM SIM Demo, Demo2, Beta
-RJL Scania T
-RJL Scania R&Streamline Modifications
-50keda’s Scania R2008



6 thoughts on “GTM LED Sunvisors Scania

  1. The real question is… is the truck private ? :p

    1. Gary Senker

      If it’s made by GT-mike it is. He rarely shares mods but is happy to use all the public ones. He is one of those types, totally egocentric.

      1. Might wanna rethink that mate, look around on the official forums and you’ll see that not only has he made countless accessories but the entire GT mike reworks and GTM SIM scanias.

        some things are private, but when you have released so much i think one or two private mods are justifiable.

  2. Bullbar Link??

  3. Yep , he rarely shares mods , ehhu …
    Dude check your comments before posting.
    The SCS forums are ” full ” with his mods…
    Even the GTM SIM R Demo2 can be downed…
    This is probably the truck you see in the above pic :

    Or just search GTM …

  4. TCab ScaniaFan24

    I Have A Question Will This Work On The 1.14 aswell as 1.18 version if someone cn let me know ASAP i wud be greatful

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