GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.3



Changelog 2.3:
– Added compatibility with RJL’s mod v 1.5
– Removed engine and sound files, mod now uses the same engines and sounds as RJL’s mod – no more compatibility issues (no more crashes)
– Added short spoilers for P & G series
– 3D badges for P and G are not available yet

Mod adds a P and G series cabs to RJL’s mod.
Both series come in:
– Topline (not realistic)
– Highline
– Normal
– Low
– Day
– Short

Available with standard RJL’s tuning.

Tested on 1.22 and with RJL’s v1.5.

Authors: GT-Mike, RJL, SCS


23 thoughts on “GTM P & G Series Cabs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline v 2.3

  1. Errorrrrrrr !!! oyun kapanıyor ?

  2. Game crach

    Game crash with choice cabin g or p

  3. LTRedasTIR

    Can you add a car carrier’s axis for this mod?

  4. but where is the chassis????????

    1. Renskuuhh1107

      Yah, I have the same problem

    2. Mod put on high priority in the Mod Manager!

  5. Why badges are not available for P and G series ????

    The mod is great thanks for it but put back badges as it was before , thanks 😉

  6. Game crash when i tried buy rjl scania p, g, r or s

    1. Mod works fine , chack your mods priorities and look if you have RJL 1.5 and not 1.41 … and your game updated to 1.22 ??

      If only one of these is not correct it’s normal your game crash !

      1. I have RJL 1.5, RJL p & g mods and promods 2-0 game ver is nothing else mod is loaded

        1. or so put the mods in this order :

          1-)Scania GTM P & G hotfixe (on top of mods order but just below promods mods)
          2-)scania GTM P& G
          3)-scania RJL T1.8
          4)-scania RJL DLC cabin ….
          5)-scania RJL 1.5 (bottom of the list mod order)

          and let me know if it works…. if you still get problem I still have an idea to help.

          1. Thanks poiut

            this order its work
            1-)Scania GTM P & G hotfixe (on top of mods order but just below promods mods)
            2)-scania RJL T1.8
            3)-scania RJL DLC cabin ….
            4)-scania RJL 1.5 (bottom of the list mod order)
            5-)scania GTM P& G

          2. Hi, I am facing same problem as did the person above. The problem is , that neither your or his methods work for me. Any other ideas on how to fix that problem?

          3. Hello, could you please share that idea, that you have? Because these methods with mod manager do not work for me. Thank you! Best wishes!

  7. Roadwolf17

    why did you remove the loglift?

  8. christian2435

    game Crashs after loading or going into the menu

  9. i have the fix installed but no badges in front in all rjl models only and t mod there a on top

  10. can u make a loger chassis addon,the long chassis is great.verry great mod keep on the good work

  11. can you built this mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.17? if you can that’s awsome, because i’m stuck in version 1.17.1

  12. danishtrucker

    can you make the short cabin wiht topsleeper?

  13. ㅁㄴㅇㄹ

    This mod install Long chassis remove?

  14. Dont work for me 🙁

  15. AlwaysLuuk

    Is there a 1.23/1,24 version?

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