GTM RJL Cab Sidebars v 2.0 [for v1.26]

Compability update version for GTM RJL Cab Sidebars v 2.0
Updated for v1.26
Works fine with Scania R & Streamline Modifications V2.1 for v1.26

Cab sidebars can be installed through “mirrorslots” addon.

Tested in 1.26 (will not work on any other game version)
Author: GT-Mike



20 thoughts on “GTM RJL Cab Sidebars v 2.0 [for v1.26]

  1. Thanks for this mod Mike !! 🙂

  2. I missed you dude !!! Please bring all your mods up to date for 1.26 version !!!

  3. I will try 🙂

  4. dont work in version+…

    1. It works for me !!

    2. Did you put in higher priority than the truck mod?

  5. Thanks GT-Mike
    I wanted to ask will also update the other mod?
    the only one that still works is: Scania_V8_Doorhandles
    or maybe it’s a problem of my game?

    1. The racks, sidebars, roofbar, lobars, is updated today 🙂
      Works perfectly
      btw the custom headlight of v1.1 is still working for 1.26 with scania by rjl v2.1

      1. OK thank you very much
        Excuse me, if every time I break the #####

  6. Well sorry guys, i am not Mike, i am just a fan of his mod, it just a compability update with some little tweaks, i am just sharing out for others who love his mods too, the credits still belong to him

    1. Friend this is not correct to make fun of people, because this mystery? enough even add your name
      so you have only created confusion
      next time as we have to know who the original author?

  7. Sorry sir.. i didn’t mean it, the original author is still Mike, i just made some little tweaks in the def files to make it compatible for the latest version..if i add my name wouldn’t it considered as i stolen his mod? I didn’t know him at all, i just a fan of his mod

    1. usually when you change a mod of other authors
      it is important to add the original author
      and then add your name to your changes
      so no one can say that you stole the job, because you have specified in
      apologize for the incorrect English

      1. GT-Mike Fan

        Okay..sorry that i am not familiar with the modding community
        so i will just put my name as GT-Mike Fan, this will do right?
        for all who wondered where the real Mike went,
        u can find it in the last two pages of this thread

  8. Luca sirignano

    Va bene per la versione 1.27 ?

  9. hi mike,
    can you make this mod for 1.28.1 Version please.

  10. Please update for 1.28 and RJL 2.2……???????

  11. AlphaGamer_AG

    Inkompatibel … lvl1.35.

  12. plz update for 1.36:=)

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