GTM RJL Eyebrows

Eyebrows-2 Eyebrows-1 Eyebrows-3

Eyebrows for RJL’s Scanias, mod should work with both R&S and T mods.
Eyebrows come in 3 variants (dark, paint, chrome) and work with H4 and H7 headlights.
Mod comes in a .rar file. It contains main mod, optional archive with larger brows (should be placed with higher priority in mod manager) and a skinning template not really accurate it’s meant to show the general position of the brows.
They can be installed via the “bumpergrill” slot – that small mesh part on 6 series bumpers.
See screenshots for reference.

Tested on 1.21 and 1.22 with no errors.

Author: GT-Mike


8 thoughts on “GTM RJL Eyebrows

  1. Scania_Swe

    Brilliant.. GT-Mike, keep going!

  2. TYVM, I was missing that it

  3. puffitheone

    Great…many thx.Now only sidebars are the bars under cabin

      1. puffitheone

        Yes…i know.i mean for sideskirts….

  4. nportegies skins

    You’re doing good GT-Mike !!
    Fun stuff what brings you online for the RJL.
    See you risk mamken this for Torpedo version?
    There is little fun stuff for this series T.

    Thanks in advance.

    nportegies skins

  5. Дорогой GTM ты не пробовал ли свои DLC запаковать в один архив????????я устал всё переделывать каждый день что то новое!!!!съделай пачку DLC и выкладыйвай одних архивом я представляю что тварится у тех кто не знает как всё в одно помещать!!!!ты о них подумай вася

  6. Nice work. Thanks

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