GTM RJL Cab Sidebars

Sidebars Sidebars-2

Mod adds sidebars for cabin for RJL’s Scania R&Streamline.
Sidebars can be mounted via “mirrorslots” accessory (screenshot)
They come in 3 variants:
– Dark
– Chrome
– Paint

Works with all cabin sizes and lenghts.

Tested on 1.21 and 1.22 with no log errors.

Author: GT-Mike


16 thoughts on “GTM RJL Cab Sidebars

  1. Gary Senker


    Thank you so much for sharing all these great mods GT. All of your mods are fantastic.

    1. pls link to scania pls !!!!!!!

  2. It requires an alternative link pls

  3. link to scania ?

    1. Nathan9186 YT

      RJL !

  4. dont run with scania rjl 1.4.1 … pls fix it !!

    1. Mod works…should load after rjl scania…

  5. Scaniaman

    Hi for what i dont have the orange light in the rearview mirror

    1. You can find it in the RjL-Scania-Mods. Not in Standard-SCS-Truck.
      If you have them, go to the Garage, the Point is near the right Mirror

    1. Are you serious? LOL

    2. where ? cabin accessories DLC ?

  6. You know the job. You made nice upgrades for RJL and still making. Thank You! 🙂

  7. works great mod loaded for RJL mod.
    only wish there was something like this for the Scania T of RJL, with the long nose the T has this would fit perfect to put some lights on

  8. Great MOD, thanks Mike!
    T-mod has 2 sidebars each side if you use remoled + necromancy

    1. they dont give me the cablights stripes and lights on the T (cause i do use them both already) as in pictures shown above for the R 😉
      The side stripe with lights is further to the back, i like one just like R from your frontwindow/bumper/nose to the back of cab on side.

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