GTMods MAN TGX Reworked


Tested on
This mod reworks the TGX ingame truck making it look more

5 new chasis models are added:
8×4 normal.
And 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 Heavy Haulage with new front part.

Skinning templates for the stock Man remain unaltered. Template for
new front bumper added.



9 thoughts on “GTMods MAN TGX Reworked

  1. Martin Kovacs

    Hi myfriend, very nice work. Can you do this ( the front bumper on the tgx is not chrom) for XLX cab, with spoilers on it. I would be very happy. 🙂

  2. mod not working for me not sure y……..

  3. watch this man mod by gtmike:

  4. Hi,

    very cool Mod, fantastic.
    Can you make the MAN Cabines without Spoiler?


    1. GoGA_krawa

      yeah it will be awesome.

  5. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Awesome mod!

  6. FANTASTIC WORK!!!Thank you so much!!!

  7. Hi, nice mod my friend, but i have a question how to skin the bumper?

  8. How it works with the latest game version and ofcourse is this suitable to use with other mods

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