Guardian for FH 2012


Guardian roofgrill for Volvo FH2012
-It has 26 slots! for all your lights and gadgets.

Made by GT-Mike

Re-edited by Big T
– all the mat files has been fixed
– the sii file has been fixed

GT-Mike, Big T


4 thoughts on “Guardian for FH 2012

  1. Ashley1998

    Could you link me that trailer please Mr Big T

  2. thx for sharing Mike

    1. Helm3x its me who sharing it.. GT-Mike put it up the SCS forum.. and i made the support on it..
      to make the Roofgrill work probably..

      Ashley1998 that trailer is from my re-edited TSM Container Pack..

      But the Container Pack is privat.. its not public

  3. Thanks for the mod, works like a charm with no problems….. thanks

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