Gutmann Actros 8×4


8×4 chassis + Gutmann skin and Bonfire beacon.



16 Responses to Gutmann Actros 8×4

  1. Ghass72 says:

    thanks Malcom37 its working 100% on 1.12.1 I tried it with all addons thanks again for your help, keep it up

  2. rs67 says:

    Thank you !!

    I’ll just change the skin because it is not 100% a truck gutmann my father part of the company I have taken their cue from his truck.

  3. Ghass72 says:

    yes he posted it again because many players said its not working if u noticed he changes the tiers to show them its fine with 1.12.1 patch and here is a link for screen shots with metallic paint and add on I have posted after I tried it.

    • Subliminal says:

      @Ghass72 He? What he? This screenshot are taken from ets2mods,org

  4. Malcom37 says:

    @subliminal yes this is my post×4-heavy-haul-reworked/

    but the new post is my file but not my post!!!

    • Subliminal says:

      @Malcom37 I know, I was talking with the dumbass admin. Great mod btw 😉

  5. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Thank you once again. I didn’t realize that other people were having a problem with the truck earlier. Please keep up the good work.

  6. Ghass72 says:

    @Subliminal follow the link in my comment to see the screen shots which I have taken

  7. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. I don’t have any idea how to mod or skin a vehicle but, I do like to look in the def files of mods & see what adjustments I can make to suit my preferences for the game & test to see how stable it will be.

    What I did was add another value in the def file to see if I could use the 8×4 chassis with the Megaspace cabin that’s part of the Mercedes Benz truck options in the game & to test to see how/if it would be stable without crashing the game.
    Also, I tried this because, I wanted to have more skin options for the truck.

    Here’s the result from a 673km run…….

    @Malcom37. This is just giving you an option/idea to use:-)
    Another request….is it possible to adapt this chassis to one of the versions of the Mercedes Benz MP4 truck mods that’s out there?

    NOTE: Beacons, flashing led, engine sound, extra gears in the transmission, are all from other mods.

  8. LazMohawk says:

    Is there an GPS/SatNav in the cabine ?

  9. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. @Ghass72. I’ve seen you’ve published many skins for mercedes actros for previous versions of the game. Is there any chance of updating the skins to work with the updated chassis?

  10. Ghass72 says:

    @Experimental all skins working with all updates no need to update a skin you can use them with all versions, in the case of actros 8×4 open the zip file of the mod & remove gutmman skin then you can use the one you like also you can add it to the mod zip file. its simple.

  11. skinFABRIK says:

    This is my skiN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am from skinFABRIk and this is my work bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!

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