Gutmann Actros 8×4


8×4 chassis + Gutmann skin and Bonfire beacon.



16 thoughts on “Gutmann Actros 8×4

  1. thanks Malcom37 its working 100% on 1.12.1 I tried it with all addons thanks again for your help, keep it up

  2. Thank you !!

    I’ll just change the skin because it is not 100% a truck gutmann my father part of the company I have taken their cue from his truck.

  3. yes he posted it again because many players said its not working if u noticed he changes the tiers to show them its fine with 1.12.1 patch and here is a link for screen shots with metallic paint and add on I have posted after I tried it.

    1. Subliminal

      @Ghass72 He? What he? This screenshot are taken from ets2mods,org

  4. @subliminal yes this is my post×4-heavy-haul-reworked/

    but the new post is my file but not my post!!!

    1. Subliminal

      @Malcom37 I know, I was talking with the dumbass admin. Great mod btw 😉

  5. ExperimentalTrucker

    Thank you once again. I didn’t realize that other people were having a problem with the truck earlier. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Subliminal

      @asd Gtfo you facking spammer!

  6. @Subliminal follow the link in my comment to see the screen shots which I have taken

  7. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I don’t have any idea how to mod or skin a vehicle but, I do like to look in the def files of mods & see what adjustments I can make to suit my preferences for the game & test to see how stable it will be.

    What I did was add another value in the def file to see if I could use the 8×4 chassis with the Megaspace cabin that’s part of the Mercedes Benz truck options in the game & to test to see how/if it would be stable without crashing the game.
    Also, I tried this because, I wanted to have more skin options for the truck.

    Here’s the result from a 673km run…….

    @Malcom37. This is just giving you an option/idea to use:-)
    Another request….is it possible to adapt this chassis to one of the versions of the Mercedes Benz MP4 truck mods that’s out there?

    NOTE: Beacons, flashing led, engine sound, extra gears in the transmission, are all from other mods.

  8. LazMohawk

    Is there an GPS/SatNav in the cabine ?

  9. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. @Ghass72. I’ve seen you’ve published many skins for mercedes actros for previous versions of the game. Is there any chance of updating the skins to work with the updated chassis?

  10. @Experimental all skins working with all updates no need to update a skin you can use them with all versions, in the case of actros 8×4 open the zip file of the mod & remove gutmman skin then you can use the one you like also you can add it to the mod zip file. its simple.

  11. skinFABRIK

    This is my skiN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am from skinFABRIk and this is my work #######!!!!!!!!!!!!

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