Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked

Mercedes-Actros-MP3-8x4-Heavy-Haul-Reworked-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP3-8x4-Heavy-Haul-Reworked-2

Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked Truck

Author: Malcom37


15 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked

  1. tu a pris mon skin

  2. This Video is not the truck!

    1. Subliminal

      Yes, he’s just a spammer = useless #####

  3. There are 600 liter fuel tank and the tank is very little to please a truck fuel tank of 2500 liters would be very happy if you remove and re-share

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. @Malcom37. Appreaciate the time & effort getting this version to properly run in the current version of the game.
    I have another request….updating the DAF 10×4 mod….×4/

    I stopped using it a long time ago because, if I remember, when the chassis is activated, it doesn’t set properly with the rest of the truck & I think it messes up all the DAf AI vehicles also.

    Ok. Video is uploaded with truck in action on the Eastern Express Map v3.8 doing a pickup & delivery…..

    NOTE: Beacons, engine sound, extra gears in the transmission, are all from other mods.

    1. link is broken now, ExperimentalTrucker,

      try to use the Malcom37’s version in

  5. its working 100% with 1.12.1 and add on also metallic paint and here is a screen shots, thanx Malcom for your work also thanx for the one who ask to update it sorry i forget his name.

  6. The second set of steer wheels are too far back, the wheels and the fuel tank should be the other way around

  7. fulcrum95

    Can someone help me since ver. 1.12.1 the mods from this website don’t appear in the game is there a reason for this, i have all the jazzycat trailer packages do they cause conflict with the latest mods?

  8. UnableRogue

    The side mirrors on the drivers side don’t work when using UK interior.

  9. Patryjota123123

    where can buy this car ?

    1. Mercedes-bens / Majestic

      This truck is not Standalone, so you will need go to accessories and choose the cabin

  10. @Malcom37

    TYVM for sharing and updating this truck like 8x axles 🙂

    I have some issues on v1.12.1 (only this used)

    I haven’t issues in game.log.txt. Great job

    Could u fix, please?


  11. semir-skyline

    Mod not function.Game is crashed.Please help.My game version: you.

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