Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked

Mercedes-Actros-MP3-8x4-Heavy-Haul-Reworked-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP3-8x4-Heavy-Haul-Reworked-2

Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked Truck

Author: Malcom37


15 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP3 8×4 Heavy Haul Reworked

  1. mika5905 says:

    tu a pris mon skin

  2. Malcom37 says:

    This Video is not the truck!

  3. Jason says:

    There are 600 liter fuel tank and the tank is very little to please a truck fuel tank of 2500 liters would be very happy if you remove and re-share

  4. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. @Malcom37. Appreaciate the time & effort getting this version to properly run in the current version of the game.
    I have another request….updating the DAF 10×4 mod….×4/

    I stopped using it a long time ago because, if I remember, when the chassis is activated, it doesn’t set properly with the rest of the truck & I think it messes up all the DAf AI vehicles also.

    Ok. Video is uploaded with truck in action on the Eastern Express Map v3.8 doing a pickup & delivery…..

    NOTE: Beacons, engine sound, extra gears in the transmission, are all from other mods.

  5. Ghass72 says:

    its working 100% with 1.12.1 and add on also metallic paint and here is a screen shots, thanx Malcom for your work also thanx for the one who ask to update it sorry i forget his name.

  6. PJ says:

    The second set of steer wheels are too far back, the wheels and the fuel tank should be the other way around

  7. fulcrum95 says:

    Can someone help me since ver. 1.12.1 the mods from this website don’t appear in the game is there a reason for this, i have all the jazzycat trailer packages do they cause conflict with the latest mods?

  8. UnableRogue says:

    The side mirrors on the drivers side don’t work when using UK interior.

  9. Patryjota123123 says:

    where can buy this car ?

    • Theosz says:

      Mercedes-bens / Majestic

      This truck is not Standalone, so you will need go to accessories and choose the cabin

  10. Theosz says:


    TYVM for sharing and updating this truck like 8x axles 🙂

    I have some issues on v1.12.1 (only this used)

    I haven’t issues in game.log.txt. Great job

    Could u fix, please?


  11. semir-skyline says:

    Mod not function.Game is crashed.Please help.My game version: you.

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