H.Essers Skin Pack by AlphaProject v 1.0


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This is a skin pack containing the following:
-H.Essers Skin for MAN Euro 5
-H.Essers Skin for MAN Euro 6 (MADster)
-H.Essers Skin for Schwarzmüller Curtain Trailer (requires DLC)
-H.Essers Skin for Schwarzmüller Reefer Trailer (requires DLC)

Mod tested on v1.26

This is version 1 of the skin pack, more skins will be added later.



6 thoughts on “H.Essers Skin Pack by AlphaProject v 1.0

  1. Valentine

    ###, i was waiting for the trailers skin, thx a lot!

  2. Awesome! Thank you For Sharing H.Essers is my Favorite Company! 25 Km far away from my home.

  3. FatLizard

    Thanks for sharing !

    PS: Just for the record … in my game I’ve modified a bit the MAN Euro 6 (Madster) skin because the spoiler painting was not correct.
    I’ve also painted the rear fenders.


    Thanks again … 🙂

  4. P.S!+
    where to find the man template e6?

    1. FatLizard

      @Marius : Sorry for the late reply …

      here you go http://sharemods.com/ukpejmu7c3kx/templates_man_tgx_euro6_v1.6.rar.html

      It’s the original link provided directly by Madster on SCS Forum.
      As you can see it’s about 1.6 version of the Mod (actually on 1.8 version) but the template has not been changed.


  5. THX! Good job!

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