H.van Toorn & Zn

This skin is for the Scania S Normal Cab. It is compatible with Custom Sideskirt and XL Sunshield. This is V1.0.0 of this skin. Feel free to use this skin in Youtube video’s and screenshots, but make sure to share what you have created with us on our discord! Enjoy!

Sunshield: http://sharemods.com/5k6kitut8f1k/Sunshield_XL.scs.html
Sideskirts: http://sharemods.com/tghrtzphsn4d/Sideskirt_Custom_Scania_2016.zip.html

Make sure to join our Discord for support and updates!: https://discord.gg/9YKsjhZ

Skinner: Sam Kerstens

Kerstens Modding


8 thoughts on “H.van Toorn & Zn

  1. Mark louis

    Wow amazing skin as always, Link for lightbox pls!

  2. Alberto Vasquez

    link for lightbox pls!

  3. gjprojects

    You really make excellent skins. Thanks:)

  4. Thank you for your great work!

    Where can i find the lightbox and how to remove the spoiler?

    1. Kerstens Modding

      You are able to remove the spoilers using NTM

  5. Please share the lightbox.

  6. Dominik Benner

    Is the roof rack private ?

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