hamburg rebuilt + warehouse V2

changes v2:
-edit the textures from many buildings
-addet the company GNT
-addet 1 secret , it is easy to find it
-all prefabs have been moved an correcteded

changes v1:
-addet a warehouse place
-removed the iveco dealer
-addet a scania dealer
-addet a secret



7 thoughts on “hamburg rebuilt + warehouse V2

  1. Is this ProMods compatible?

    1. HamburgerLauch

      yes, actually, it worked by me

  2. I try it and it is PM comp

    one “yellow” model bug….so it´s work to 99% !!

  3. I put it over PM

  4. Die Map hat bei mir keine Straßenanbindung.
    The map has no road connection with me.

    1. HamburgerLauch

      Ne? , da muss ich noch mal rüberschauen

  5. Thanks

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