Happy New Year 2017


56 Responses to Happy New Year 2017

  1. Ficfic says:

    Thanks!! You too!! 😉

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Happy New Year @ all 🙂
    Greetz Mr.GermanTruck

  3. Danny says:

    Happy Newyear!!!!

  4. niggastolemybike says:

    Happy New Year from the UK!

    Keep on trucking into 2017!

  5. Bayun4ik says:

    Happy New Year all people 🙂

  6. taunts says:

    Happy New Year 2017 to all truckers in real and game:)

  7. voyager says:

    Happy New Years 2017 to All Gamers ♥


  8. Falkon says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from Germany and thanks for the good work here !!!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  9. breizhdave says:

    Happy New Year 2017

  10. CyrusTheVirus says:

    Happy new year from Spain to all staff and users ets2.lt.

  11. Sebi70 says:

    Happy Newyear

  12. Melios says:

    Happy New Year from Greece!

  13. zoso says:

    Buon Anno al team ats-ets2.lt ???
    e a tutti gli amici ???
    CiaoZ ??

  14. Samuraiboo14 says:

    Happy New Years!
    – From me and the rest of your fellow canadians

  15. Greg51fr says:

    Happy New Year for all !!!

  16. Carallo says:

    Feliz Año 2017 para todos

  17. marjan says:

    Happy new year all drivers 🙂

  18. stupil says:

    Happy New Year

  19. Splendido says:

    Happy New Year from Spain! Special thanks to all the modders and the ETS2 site staff!

  20. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I wish admins and members a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  21. clown says:

    I WISH you ALL HAPPINESS IN the NEW YEAR MORE kind TO EACH other Again a year.

  22. Darsh71 says:

    Bonne année a tous ! Tous les bacs a sable et les routeman !

  23. DigitalX says:

    Happy new year from England!

  24. EmRe says:

    Happy new year from Turkey

  25. scania_dragon says:

    Happy New year from Germany to you all!
    Gott nytt år!
    Bonne année!
    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
    С но́вым го́дом!
    Feliz Año Nuevo!
    Buon Anno!
    Xīnnián hǎo
    Yeni yılınız kutlu olsun

  26. Max74 says:

    Happy New Year everyone!

  27. Drive Safely says:

    Happy New Year! Thank you to the modders and the ets2.lt staff! 🙂

  28. Def2004 says:

    Happy new year from Indonesia!!!

    Selamat Tahun Baru!!!

  29. JoachimK says:

    Frohes neues Jahr allen hier und dem Team
    Happy New Year to everybody and the Team
    Bonne Année a tous et l´Equipe du Site
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar an alle en het Team

  30. Corné says:

    Happy new year

  31. Adriandelahunedoara says:

    Happy New Year! Thank you for all the mods! 😀

  32. Gughix says:

    Happy new year!
    Buon Anno!

  33. thimic51 says:

    Happy New Year 2017,
    Peace in your heart and on our planet

  34. Lucasdriver70 says:

    Happy New Year 2017!

  35. seb99 says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

  36. pcat says:


  37. truckinrebble says:

    Happy New Year from the East midlands UK…

  38. Baloo8888 says:

    Happy New Year 2017 from Spain!

  39. StofingTV says:

    Bonne année au routier virtuel et réel !! From France ! 🙂

  40. LoVVered says:

    Happy New Year from Russia…
    Keep on trucking , guys!

  41. carivo says:

    Happy new year from Luxembourg!

    Keep your page up ETS2.lt and for the community keep on trucking!

  42. Pat Stringer says:

    Happy New Year all from France 🙂

  43. namousa says:

    Happy new year for all drivers <3

  44. Remco says:

    Happy new year from the Netherlands!

  45. wegger says:

    Frohes neues jahr leutes!
    Happy New Yera guys!

  46. Stan Smith says:

    Happy new year For all Keep goin, let the hammer down !!!!!

  47. Daniel says:

    Thank you!!!

  48. jacky says:

    happy new year

  49. Joe the gamer says:

    Happy new year from romania! 🙂

  50. MoWo says:

    Happy New Year from Germany……

  51. Tonni says:


  52. Rollo63 says:

    THX!! All too!!

  53. MKR says:

    Happy New Year !

  54. MidniteTrain says:

    All the best for the new year guys and girls. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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