Hard Truck Map (DPMap) V0.5

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I changed map name. Map new name is Hard Truck Map.
Continuation of DPMap.

>Added was new city : Yenisehir
>Added new france speedometer.
>The road textures between Ulusehir and Karaşehir were replaced with the French road textures. Edit the distance type.
>The invisible wall problem on the way to Elmalı was removed and the road texture changed.
>The line texture has been changed.
>Added manifest

Required DLC : Scandinavia
Map works on 1.26.x ETS2 version.


DOWNLOAD 92.6 MB [Mirror]

12 thoughts on “Hard Truck Map (DPMap) V0.5

  1. cangarujack

    Works with PROMODS?

    1. No. It doesn’t work promods or TSM Map.

  2. Doesn’t seem to work with TSM 6.4. But, when I go back to ProMods I’ll use it with that. Always seemed to work with Promods before.
    Thanks for sharing anyway. 🙂

  3. Ziemniaczek

    Pls add map screenshot (city, road)

    1. The necessary images are in the video.

  4. leo truck

    geht super mit TSM 6.5 Danke für diese map

  5. Dominator

    How i can on it? It’s requires a new profile?

    1. No. It’s not requires a new profile. Extract your map file from Zip and place it in the map folder in your documents.

  6. leo truck

    No no new profile put it under the TSM 6.5 Map

  7. byanxerox

    pls remove barrier in northern uppsala, overall great map!!!

  8. Work with MHAPro 1.26.5 and RusMap 1.7.1!

  9. Doesn’t+work+even+with+no+other+mods+activated.+It+always+says+that+it+can’t+load+a+save+even+if+the+profile+is+new+and+have+no+saved+game.

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