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Russian Offroad Map

This maps is designed for a certain type of people who are not afraid of masochism, who have strong nerves, for those who love simulators, not arcade, if in doubt, better to go round.
Expect the card is a pleasure – NO this is not just saying you do not feel relaxed after a long flight, rested, you can quarrel with his family because of the nerves … so resolutely at once, you need to it !!! When in doubt, better pass away.

Tested 1.22 game version

Author: goba6372


98 thoughts on “Harsh Russian Map R11

  1. http://ets2downloads.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/whole-map-truckers-map-by-goba6372-2.jpg As you can see, it’s Truckers Map R43 by Goba. Strangely familiar map image hmm?

    1. No, this new map “Harsh Russian ”
      More 600 cities

      1. Денис

        Архив битый!

    2. I want to issue this map, please. I want to play them and thank you

  2. Disable DLC Eath&North!

  3. RoAdRuNnEr

    Ans everytime the same Question for People they not know that´s it a Standalone Map / Addon / Compatible with different Map is…

    Why can´t Modder not Direct type what it is ?

    1. Chill out homie, it’s a standalone card!

  4. Alpensemmel

    Still crashing with 1.22 and disabled dlc`s …

  5. Does it work on 1.19.1s ? ( i do have East and north DLC )

  6. масштаб какой? надеюсь, от одного города до другого не 5 км??

  7. Czy ta mapa działa z Pro Mods 2.01 oraz z mapą Rus Map 1.6.1 ROS 2.4 czy nie

  8. A térkép,gps nem működik.A semmibe megyek és láthatatlan falakba ütközök.Olyan mintha a kamion mozgás nem lenne szinkronba a térkép mozgásával.Ez így használhatatlan.

    the map / GPS go according to nowhere. Invisible walls collide.

    sry Google translator

    1. Bocsi user error volt.A térkép működik.

      I’m sorry, it was user error. The map works fine.

  9. OK folks, this is how I got the map to work. In steam, I ‘unchecked’/disabled both ‘Going East’ and ‘Scandinavia’ DLC’s in the DLC menu. Then I started a new game with the map mod enabled. I dont know how to explain it any better than this, I hope this helps yall.

  10. is it working without steam (offline ??)

  11. sooo map dont work. crashes to desktop , no oother mods. no matter what order put in crashes. does it work with the dlcs or not???if not should have said in description. retail versions cant disable dlcs so how to work????????.

    1. you ######

      1. You are NOT the actual Goba. You need to stop pretending you are.

  12. Goba,explain how ###### u are.what is load order,dlc or not??,explain yourself properly.

  13. Tuhkustuhke

    download wont start for me

  14. Doesn’t works for 1.22.x

  15. Mod works perfect for me, be sure you have all DLC disabled in steam, and set the load order from top to bottom

    and the key file as last

    1. thxs for explaining it . what about those who dont have steam version. retail version ie on cd and all dlcs. we cant disable them so i take it map will not work?? shame author should have made itcompatibility with dlcs

      1. I don’t have retail version so can’t help on that sorry

      2. Evergreen1976

        i dont know it still works or not. But for Non-steam user (Retail version), you can do this to not using dlcs :

        – Open ETS2 Installation directory
        – there will be base.scs, def.scs, dlc_north.scs, dlc_east.scs and so on . . .
        – Cut and paste file with dlc’s name to other folder of your choice (eg : your backup folder or whatever folder that not linked with ets2 system)
        – Now, the game will act like u have no dlc file.
        – Try use goba maps.

        Hope it helps

        1. Thxs for that,somebody have some brains lol,will try that later.hope it works.

    2. Thank you

  16. Карта забагованная, невидимые стены, навигатор глючит.

  17. video????

  18. Czy pójdzie to na pro mods 2.01 i ros 2.4 jak i na rus map 1.6.1 bo nie wiem czy to pobierać aby pograć na niej?????

  19. The map is full of busg, the textures of the road are missing, the gps shows routes to anywhere, invisible walls…it is a lot of work to make this map to be good.
    ProMods is the best map at this time…sorry !

    1. I don’t have those bugs, You must have the load order set wrong if you are seeing that.

      Be sure its like this top to bottom

      key file as last

      1. unchecked DLCs in steam
        chooses the files as
        key file

        Map module option is dimmed and no city on the map when choose garage at startup

        00:01:27.681 : Resources load time: 837ms (187 MB)
        00:01:27.681 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started ….
        00:01:28.778 : Map successfully loaded.
        00:01:28.780 : Map load time: 1098ms (0 MB)
        00:01:28.782 : Game state load failed. Game state will be restored from the initial save.
        00:01:29.148 : Economy reset – company mismatch
        00:01:29.149 : Road network navigation caching started.
        00:01:29.261 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.carrmgatch.mgatchi to heb_hor(birobid)!
        00:01:29.296 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.ohaheb.nekrasovka to heb_hor(birobid)!
        00:01:29.351 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.carrmgatch.vahrushev to heb_hor(birobid)!
        00:01:29.503 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.carrmgatch.shahtersk to heb_hor(birobid)!
        00:01:29.738 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.habar_les.nik_na_amur to habar_delan(inokent)!
        00:01:29.790 : More failures to find a route.
        00:01:30.333 : Road network navigation caching finished.
        00:01:30.356 : Garage update started.
        00:01:30.362 : Garage update finished.
        00:01:30.364 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/486172736820527573736961/save/autosave/game.sii) …
        00:01:30.374 : Game has been auto-saved.
        00:01:30.405 : Economy load time: 3561ms (4 MB)
        00:01:30.420 : Game init finished. (192 MB)

        Do you have any clue ?

        1. the map was blank for me too at the start

          You have to drag the map to the right, and 6 citys will be available to choose from

    2. Promods has nothing to do with the context of maps Goba is a difficult environment for higher truck gender truck yards.

  20. JtheTrucker

    Crashing in 1.22 with north and east dlc.Please describe in detail how to disable those dlcs or make it compatible and save us from struggle.Thank you!

    1. right click on the game in steam, hit properties, DLC tab, uncheck all the boxes

      1. JtheTrucker

        no steam here….

  21. Quent1_Fr

    It’s a ###### map , with a lot of bugs , #### you goba

    1. imnotarobot

      If you don t like it, don t use it.

      Is it really needed to throw insults? Only uneducated peeps or lil kiddos doing such….

      Maybe you can try and do a better one….

      He will make it better hopefully……

    2. merci de faire passer les français pour des merdes avec ton commentaire d’abrutit ! FU toi meme ducon !

  22. Works perfectly, thank you goba 😉

  23. Александр

    ребята всем привет.помогите плиз кто шарит.помогите создать профиль и запустить эту карту.я и DLC и удалял и переносил.игру выкидывает и все.и создавал на версии 1.21.и на 1.22.1 все равно выкидывает.либо зависает не могу создать профиль.помогите кто может.заранее благодарен

    1. Удали два этих DLC , dlc_north.scs и dlc_east.scs , либо если у тебя стим в библиотеке стима пкм на игре – свойства – установить параметры запуска и прописать -no_dlc eut2_east и -no_dlc eut2_north

  24. vodila UA

    key file ПОСЛЕДНИМ

  25. WobblyCaptain

    This is my kinda stuff 🙂 smack that download button 🙂
    I need this

  26. Valdir da silva

    Um camarada que faz um mapa merece o meu respeito pós eu não sou perito em construir mapas e fico feliz em jogar com os mapas de vocês mais desinstalar uma DLC para jogar e a mesma coisa de voltar pra traz

  27. hi, i love Goba’s work, but, i can’t play it on my game. carsh …crash …. no other mods, and 5,4,3,2,1 and key, but same goal: crash … Cette map a été codée comme une merde

    1. You have to disable the DLC’s for ETS2 for it to work, Methods have been posted for both steam version and retail version on how to do it already

  28. Super crazy settinfgs.

  29. WobblyCaptain

    Down loaded the map tonight and just had the most fun on this map ever…
    Its a tough environment don’t depend on your sat nav to get around in places it dosent work you have to use your map skills to navigate around with and even so at the beginning there you come across loads of roads that don’t seem to be on the map.
    I hope to get videos up real soon as I had a blast 🙂
    Top job Goba I enjoy very much 🙂

  30. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery run completed with the map….Let’s just say there was no rules in this run…..

    Picked up cargo in Yu_Sahalin
    Teleported to Elga
    Delivered cargo in Snegnii 374km Delivery Run
    Don’t let the low kilometers fool you. Map scale is just about set to real world time.

    1. this is a map for enthusiasts, not for abnormal drivers: to have the tact of not showing in public the absence of infancy is the most normal thing, there for is grateful he.

  31. It works perfectly when buying from the author. Now I’m driving at 12th version of the map that has a long list of improvments in comparison with 11 version.

    1. WobblyCaptain

      How do you get that version ?

  32. andreansyah

    this is Surowaja Rossija R11 ?

  33. Goba you need to fix some things in this map I been playing it a good long while and just now found these problems:

    *GPS doesn’t follow all roads it goes off course
    *some areas have invisible walls
    *Offroad Hills are too steep to climb and don’t get any traction even in first gear with the truck
    *AI Traffic gets stuck and you have to find a way around them.

    The Map has really great detail and I love it but these problems are really hurting the enjoyment of it.

  34. WobblyCaptain

    Difficult to navigate use the world map chuck your sat nav away lol
    Loving the map 🙂

    1. World Map doesn’t help me when some delivery points are only accessible by dirt roads that you can’t climb even in first gear with heavy cargo.

      1. WobblyCaptain

        I can do it

    2. If Goba would at least fix the Steep Hills I would go back to playing it, I was using sequential/manual gearbox on the hills just like you were saying in the video but I still ciouldn’t make it up Offroad hills in first gear, the truck loses traction.

      1. WobblyCaptain

        You do tend to spin out in first gear at times.
        You have to get the right gears.
        I got stuck once and just kept spinning in 1st gear while I was spinning I knocked it into 3rd and away I went its trail and error.
        Recently I was going up a road made of mud and when I say mud I mean mud I haven’t seen anything like it except in spin tires I think I have picture on my google plus page anyway ###### me decided to change gear going up the hill I should of stayed in the gear I was in but changing the gear made me spin out.
        It took me about 20mins to get out of the mud.
        If you take away all this you might as well go play a standard map as after all this map is a harsh off road map.
        Over the coming week I will have more videos on my channel.

        1. That makes no sense though that third gear works better then first gear for climbing hills, cause the lower the gear the more torque you have.

          I will try it again though and see if third gear works for me.

          1. WobblyCaptain

            You can also spin out very easily in first gear.
            Most of the hills so far I have managed to climb while still in 3rd , 4th or 5th gear but the map is hugh and we maybe not on the same hills.
            You have to get your run up correct and just one wrong gear change can cause you to spin out , stall come to a stop.
            Also you need a good truck capable of the job.
            At the moment I have given up on the europeon trucks not because of the hills but on parts of the map their is mud similar to spintires and there small wheels just get bogged down in the mud so I now test the kraz with off road tires and at the moment this thing just sails through the mud althrough I haven’t got to the deeper mud or hugh pot holed uneven roads yet.

      2. WobblyCaptain

        It wasn’t the steep hills that got me it was the deep mud and sinking sand arrrrr

  35. WobblyCaptain

    The start of another journey here , will I succeed ?
    For those whom complain about blocked roads there usually is away around you just have to look.
    In this video about half way through I came across such a road.

  36. how to extract file folder models? pls send me extract key

    1. use Winrar or Z-7zip

  37. WobblyCaptain

    After driving lots of miles I think a truck capable of driving off road is very much now needed the map has finally got the better of me lol.
    Maybe the Kraz ? or daf crawler ?

    1. haha told ya, glad to see you finally admitted defeat, the offroad hills can’t be climbed like I mentioned.

      1. WobblyCaptain

        It wasn’t the hills.
        After hours of testing on parts of the map it gets like spin tires the mud is incredible my truck sank right down in it like sinking sand maybe soon I put video and show you.
        Then also there was these massive humps in the road so uneven that trailer grounded and truck also it was really difficult in a Scania that I was using so finally after a glitch as my whole trailer become buried in a service yard and I had to quit,
        I thought when in Russia so I got a kraz truck and at the moment am doing really well but time will tell the kraz as huge off road tires so am hoping to continue the rest of my exploring this map using the kraz it makes more sense to use it as there is some harsh terrain that the euopean trucks just don’t seem to be able to cope with it should be alright in the mud not sure about the hills time will tell 🙂

  38. WobblyCaptain

    I think a Kraz or Daf Crawler is needed.

  39. WobblyCaptain

    After many enjoyable miles on this map I would suggest to use a truck capable of driving off road 🙂
    The sat nav works in most areas but some areas it dosent work right in them areas you will have to navigate using the world map.
    A common error seems to be when you call recovery to repair your truck you end up off the map somewhere it dosent happen all the time but it can happen.
    The map loads and works but has some minor faults as mentioned above.
    Putting all that aside this map is a work of art its fantastic Its a off road extreme map don’t expect much smooth tarmac its for you extreme truckers 🙂
    Thanks Goba excellent work if any updates should come don’t let me miss them send me message as your work is awesome.

  40. WobblyCaptain

    Surely you cant drive through some of the deep mud that you encounter on this map ?
    Is it a red red herring to make you find another route ?

  41. JellyBear

    off from gps. great works mate, really

  42. amoore100

    Has anyone tried the “Launch Properties” window and put in
    “-no_dlc eut2_east” and “-no_dlc eut2_north”? Does anyone know if this works? I have not tried it yet.

    1. WobblyCaptain

      Not tried that but I just went to Launch Properties DLC and unchecked all DLC simple as that game works.

  43. JellyBear

    do anyone know where is the Renault dealer?

    1. Renault dealer in the city of KHABAROVSK

  44. With this map will newer get bored, The roads are the perfect clue to demonstrate you are a professional trucker!!!! Thanks!!!!! I recomend to download russian trucks and trailers!!! Look in the first 20 pages in ‘truck mods’ in this mod hoster page!!!!!!

  45. What order should the files go. The files i have are not listed as 1 2 3 4 5. They are map.r11.scs r11.AWD.scs r11.model.scs r11.model2.scs r11.scs. And the key file is in a different file but it’s not named key file

  46. Jesper Nyman

    I have the files in order but i dont have a truck to drive?

    1. its just like the vanilla game you have to do quickjobs until you have the money to buy your own truck.

      But since this has the economy mod built in that will take a long time to get.

      I’m gonna figure out what files go to the ecomony mod so I can remove it and get my own truck faster

  47. карта не рабочая!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. nudelife0

    The more I play this map, the more I like it !!
    It’s hard to believe someone has put so much time and effort to make a map mod. You are great GOBA

  49. I want to issue this map, please. I want to play them and thank you

  50. Ok I tried to give this map another shot but I am seriously done with it this time cause of too many problems

    GPS not following the roads
    trucks getting stuck in the mud
    AI traffic problems
    Truck gets easily damaged from the dirt roads
    Many roads are not completed or have invisible walls

    These are not bad player problems GOBA, these are YOUR problems that need to be fixed

  51. Alpha Male Khan

    Thanks great map but had to fix it first

  52. ImperialJudgement

    ####! You know how to make maps i see 😛 Good work, the file is horrible big o_o

  53. Hi, my game crashes after I select the starting city. I have files activated as this
    And the key file without number. I also don’t have any DLCs activated

    1. Ok I was on version 1.23, I had to downgrade to 1.22

  54. eurotrucker

    Game crashes at time of quick job…. my version is 1.24

  55. Where’s the Volvo dealer?

  56. I can not download because my version is 1.26, but even so I can not download any version should be added by torrent

  57. Vinay Kumar

    Will it work with version.?

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