Harta Romaniei v8.7 (1.25.x)


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Version 8.7:

– The total number of drivers is increased to 494
– Name drivers are Romanian.
– There are new designs or edit existing ones.
– Map adapted version 1.25.x

Elyxir, Alin2008Todor


25 thoughts on “Harta Romaniei v8.7 (1.25.x)

  1. next time please add torrent option too

  2. 8 minutes download…loong wait 😉
    haven’t tested yet

  3. Todor Alin

    The torrent is on the original page: http://jocuriarena.com/euro-truck-simulator-2/harti-euro-truck-2/5270-harta-romaniei-v87-125x-euro-truck-simulator-2.html

    Ask who uploaded why not included the torrent link….

  4. Stop complaining like little kids of 5 years Old and start by saying thank you to people working for free for your hobbie. You should not be able to download this considering how unpolite you are.

  5. Human Stop complaining like little kid of 5 years Old and start by saying thank you to people working for free for your hobbie. You should not be able to download this considering how unpolite you are.

  6. work with promods?

  7. why the constant sirens. is there any way i can turn this feature off.
    also when i tried to buy my first truck there were no trucks in the showroom

    1. Todor Alin

      There are not constant sirens, it’s specific sound for special ai vehicle. About bug in Scania dealer, it’s because SCS has changed the Scania models (looks). I already corrected, with many others errors, including from map conversion. But, I make public version 8.8 only after I finished corection on driver position on all ai vehicle. And, i will lower the sirens sounds…

      1. i find the sirens do seem too load and am glad your going to reduce the sound in the next update.i cant play this map because of the bugs with the trucks which is a shame because it looks a really good map. waiting for the next update

  8. work with promods map?

  9. Nu merge imi da crash cine ma poate ajuta plss

  10. imi+da+crash+aveti+idee+de+,ce+am+versiunea+1,25 si tot nu merge , se incarca si ma scoate afara din el

  11. Czy ta mapa jest ciekawa do jazdy i czy dużo terenów zawiera ze taką wagę pliku posiada 4.5 GB i z jaką mapą działa ona czy jest ona samodzielna do grania

  12. backtofront2

    Its a awesome map bro only constant to loud siren.
    I’m looking forward for the next uptade 🙂

  13. si la mine la fel…..se incarca si apoi ma scoate fara si imi spune ca steam nu mai lucreaza…….ajutati-ne si pe noi fratilor nu mai tineti numa pentru voi

    1. Da la fel ca si la mine , aceeasi eroare nu stiu de ce , dar undeva este o problema imi pare rau ca nu imi merge mapa arata super dar degeaba …. daca rezolvi ceva sa imi zici si mie . Multumesc .

  14. Do i need any DLCs ?

  15. Andreas BS

    Am i the only one who experiences gamecrash when using this mod? And is there anyone who can help?

    1. have you activated trailer mod too if no then game crash

  16. I have problem for steering wheel, no steering wheel in truck inside mode when you choose quick job in job market

  17. Cine ma ajuta si pe mine? 🙁

  18. my problem is fixed and found if using winter mod for harta pack. Next mod please reduce police and ambulance and firetruck siren using in traffic now is too much. And please reduce slower traffic car showing in traffick much less

  19. Todor Alin

    Version 8.8 of Romanian Map

    Changes in 8.8

    – all vehicle have corrected driver seat position and have passengers…
    – reworked many lights
    – decresed volume of special ai vehicle sounds
    – map default vehicle numbers is 50, so, if you have slow pc, can use “Minimal traffic” mod (10 vehicle) or if have super pc and want traffic jam use “Incresed traffic” mod. Those mods must have higher pririty then map.
    – fixed missing accesory and bug in Scania dealer

    Download link : http://www.seedpeer.eu/details/11766817/Harta-Romaniei-V-8-8-for-ETS2-V-1-25-zip.html

  20. Hello,
    what is that trailer pack that we must have in order to make the map work please ?

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