HDR Soft Bloom for “Frosty Winter” mod by Grimes

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“Soft Bloom HDR mod” v1.0 (by BEAST)
– for “Frosty Winter Weather” ATS/ETS2 mod by Grimes!

This mod has reduce HDR bloom effect for mach perfect visible!

tested on:
“Frosty Winter Weather” v2.0 for ATS by GRIMES
“Frosty Winter Weather” v5.9 for ETS2 by GRIMES



5 Responses to HDR Soft Bloom for “Frosty Winter” mod by Grimes

  1. misterbasi says:

    finally, thanks

    • BEAST says:

      This fix for a global HDR bloom sets for ETS2|ATS, and it will work with “Frosty Winter” ETS|ATS mod by Grimes and with default Summer enviroments.
      (and maybe it works also with Autumn mod by Grimes… who knows :))) )

  2. Mako8841 says:

    Great mod! Much needed. Thanks!

    • Parasol says:

      Very fine mod, works with other Grimes seasons as well. Best bloom fix I’ve seen so far. Unfortunately not compatible any more with ETS2 version (64bit). Please update!

      • BEAST says:

        In what ver.of the “Frosty Winter” MOD (by GRIMES) do you have a problem?
        In what appears a problem – game has crashing?
        You have correctly installed a priority of this fix?
        Do your using any others weather or weather fixes?

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