Heavy Cargo in Traffic

Now can have trailers from heavy_cargo_dlc in traffic.

Note: Game engine does not allow steerable axles for ai trailers, so, I had to make separate models without steerable axles for traffic.
Kept the original SCS mass for those trailers, so, you must pray that game engine don’t attach a “weak” truck to some trailers….
Required heavy_cargo_dlc to be present.

Tested 1.27.x

Todor Alin


5 thoughts on “Heavy Cargo in Traffic

  1. Спасибо за мод.
    Есть небольшой баг, на прицепах, как на фото к моду, нет колес на первой оси в игре.

  2. nice addition to traffic but the front axle of those trailers equipped with front axle is actually missing

  3. Barend Vink


  4. stradastatalie16


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