Heavy Cargo Personal Trailer Mod v1.0 For ETS2 Multiplayer

✅ Single-player And Multiplayer Support

✅ Cargo Market Support
✅ 8 Heavy Cargo Trailers
✅ Capability Buy Heavy Cargo Trailer
✅ Add 61 ton, 51 ton, 47 ton and 39 ton

⚠️Attention :
1) You Need Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Heavy Cargo Pack DLC To Activate Mod
2) After Selecting The Trailer, Just Click On The “Purchase” Option



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8 thoughts on “Heavy Cargo Personal Trailer Mod v1.0 For ETS2 Multiplayer

  1. tutomu kimura

    Do not lie, at least of few moments, lowbet and lowloader will have ownable.
    this mod should be shut off.

    1. You are a liar
      These 8 items will not work without Hego Cargo DLC

      Multiplayer is still version 1.38

  2. This person upload always mods and say its MP working , when you try it inh MP then its not working.

    1. I use it, I have no problem

    2. My mods are tested by a few people,Then it is published
      You were supposed to send me a video, you haven’t sent it yet

  3. Also how can he now it will work in MP when there is no 1.39 working in MP.
    Please block this person

    1. You are Nob.
      Multiplayer 1.39 update has not been released

    2. https://prnt.sc/v6pmqy

      Do you really go multiplayer?
      According to this photo, the latest multiplayer is 1.38

      1.39 Where did it come from? 😂

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