Heavy Loading Titan Skin

Skin of the Volkswagen Titan of the Brazilian TV series Heavy Load.
Made for the Volkswagen Tractor Titan 18-310 by Rodrigo Leal.

Leave comments and criticisms in the comments, if you like I’m not ashamed to praise: P!

Maicon Rocha


6 thoughts on “Heavy Loading Titan Skin

  1. ### what is this

    1. maicon_canedo1995

      It’s the TV series truck skin that marked my childhood!

  2. If it could talk it would say “killlll meeeeeee!”

    1. Maicon Rocha

      O que foi? O caminhão da série é exatamente igual.

    2. Maicon Rocha

      What’s it? The truck in the series is exactly the same. The skin was perfect !!

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