Heavy Oversized Trailers with Machinery ETS2 1.32

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Heavy oversized trailers with machinery
Registered in traffic.
Changed the painting of the platforms to blue and green.

9 Heavy Oversized Cargoes:
– pr764
– liebherr934
– wirtgen250s
– drilling
– jbcats
– maxtron
– scatcher
– boomgen
– volvoex

SB, BH, TSA are some parts.
In traffic: losevo58
TSA: wheels and parts

SB, BH, TSA, losevo58


13 Responses to Heavy Oversized Trailers with Machinery ETS2 1.32

  1. robertthetrucker says:

    are they buyable?

    • The Mad Trucker says:

      This trailer is not a buyable trailer.

    • CustomAussieMods says:

      Go and talk to the author about this stolen mod being posted here by Freddy Jimmink

      go to the Author’s Facebook Page and you will see for yourselves what the deal is with the trailers

      https://www.facebook.com/CustomAussieMods/ and give the guys a like on the page the trailer are all made public there anyway

      • Guest01 says:

        But, I like that they release the mods since you know very well that selling mods is prohibited by SCS Software, 5 years the game and they are still selling mods …

  2. manuel pena says:

    solo 1.32?

    • cero_j says:

      si pero no te lo recomiendo, hace que juego te de lag continuamente.

  3. manuel pena says:


  4. Mods are us says:

    Fedddy Jimmink, looks like you even steal public released mods….. thanks for releasing it even further. It’s much appreciated. To everyone, please go like and donate to the following page on Facebook for more releases like these!

  5. Kirk says:

    CustomAussieMods is where that trailer is from,

    Go to the https://www.facebook.com/CustomAussieMods and like the page, they released these trailer publicly and they were posted here without permission which is typical of these Ferrell websites to abuse copyright

  6. Dutch-Wave says:

    is this mod also working on 1.31??

  7. cero_j says:

    every time they appear in the traffic they cause an important lag, eliminated.

    • cero_j says:

      and I forgot to say that the shadows do not look right

  8. ilhan says:

    trailer not received

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