Heavy Rain v 1.0

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Category: Sound/Others Mod

Compatible with ETS2 1.34.x


– Realistic and more intense rain drops from inside cabin of the truck.
– Adjusted sound of weather, thunders and traffic from inside cabin of the truck.
– Realistic rain sound inside cabin and outside cabin of the truck.
– Realistic and heavy thunders sounds inside cabin and outside cabin of the truck.
– More thunders sounds.

IMPORTANT: This mod works with any map or other environment, graphics and sounds mods, but put Heavy Rain Mod In your mod folder and activate it as high priority, on Top!

Please don’t reupload this mod in any other hosting site, keep the original download link




8 thoughts on “Heavy Rain v 1.0

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.34

  2. Nice! To make for ATS. Please


  4. Wanda Hendiyana


  5. So your using files from my mod, including sound & the rain you just change few things (numbers).
    At least you should have some respect and you could ask for permission instead of stealing other modders work.

  6. TopEngine

    1.34 HD TEST Video:


  7. Hola te agradezco estaba buscando este mod con esas caracteristicas pero seria mucho pedir si a este mod de esta misma version 1.34.x a mi modo de ver le faltarian en el cielo rayos y tambien que caigan a tierra seria mas real y x casualidad tendras pack de mod de vehiculos de emergency ambulancia, bomberos y policias con luces y cirenas en Al Traffic espero respuesta gracias…

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