Hella Auxiliary Light Pack [1.35.x]

This pack includes:
Hella Luminator Led
Hella Jumbo 320ff
Hella Jumbo 320ff Led

Three versions of “bodies”
Stock black
Paint (base_colour)

Hella Jumbo 320ff and 320ff Led comes with three different glass colours

Only Jumbo 320ff Led with clear glass has amber leds
All Jumbo 320ff Led also has a flash led that activates when use of beacon

Updated for v1.35

abasstreppas, carias1985


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4 thoughts on “Hella Auxiliary Light Pack [1.35.x]

  1. impossible download, it just passes you from one place to another and you want to install sheet
    this is SPAM

    1. ElEtersucksatdlingmods

      @El Eter, you really #### at downloading mods, I even dled this and it works. LOSER NOTICED ^

  2. KingScania

    I would love it it you’D remove the picture on the bottom. This is MY Scania that i drove back in 2016/17 and the VTC is also closed down. Remove my picture, otherwise i will find out your IP and i will sue you.

    1. You are pathetic

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