Hella Double Burner for 140

Hi, I have adjusted this mod to 1.40 and would like to share that with you guys.

please use the original link when downloading & sharing

the mod is made by abbesstreppas & modified by H modding.

Have fun with the mod !!

abasstreppas, H Modding


3 thoughts on “Hella Double Burner for 140

  1. Thank you for the Update.
    BUT: Every time I want to place a Double burner,
    I got a CTD.
    And a Lot of Images in the Garage are not there.

    My Question: Which Priority I should place it ? 🤔


      I’ve find out, this is an “Update” without Permission from abasstreppas.
      Game crashes every time (CTD)

      And: Does NOT work. So, H MODDING, stop this ! 😟

  2. danmiller04

    All is mistake, because all are away and don’t work. Many errors.

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