Slot for the DAF 95 ATI by XBS

Not a super crazy mod, just some nice slots for the DAF 95 by XBS. All cabins have their own slots. The cummins chassis has it’s own slots, all other have shared slots.
NOTE the bottom slots are in the bullbar node, because the bottombar node is already occupied by the bumpers.
also not all chassis have a bullbar node, so the tandem and lowdeck chassis can’t have bottom slots.



4 thoughts on “Slot for the DAF 95 ATI by XBS

  1. billy_boy

    Thanks man, it’s nice to get something for free, in the last year it seems that everyone wants to see their mods

    1. billy_boy

      *wants to sell their mods

  2. Rims ?

  3. Hi. Thanks for this nice mod. Can you give the link of the Michelin dolls?

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