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This mod was made by me personally for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features of the mod:

The camera stretches well to the right

The camera stretches well up

Suitable for default cards and mod cards

How to install the mod:

C: Users wwwdi Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod

How to install mod point 2:

Download the ZIp file (you don’t need to open it)
Throw along the way what I wrote above
Open the game
Before choosing your profile to the right of your profile name, click on the icon with a number zero or 7 -12, it does not matter, depending on how many mods you have activated at the moment
In the section of the mod manager, enable the mod with the name “Highlighting Roads” and click the apply button
Then you can choose your profile and play with this mod
If you did everything correctly, but when choosing a profile, your mod was not activated, then you did the opposite, first activated the mod and then chose the desired profile for you

A recommendation to repeat all points again

Updated to beta patch 1.42
This mod does not need priority



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