Highpipe for Trucks Update v5 by Nico2k4


What’s new:

– Added lights to highpipes for all trucks (lights by abasstreppas)
– Reworked mod which reduced its weight
– Several corrections and minor improvements
– Now support:
– BDF Tandem Truck Pack v30.0 by Flemming V
– Ford Cargo Pack by Tonho Nunes, Blade1974
– MAN TGX Reworked by MADster
– Renault Magnum Legend by ByLhols, Blade1974
– Scania R & Streamline Modifications by RJL
– Scania Streamline Kipper-Tandem by Zeus, Punisher…
– Now “Triple Highpipe + Ranger”, “Triple Highpipe + Elegance” available in truck:
– DAF XF by SCS & by ohaha & by 50k
– Mercedes Benz Actros by SCS
– Added highpipes to tandem variant in Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha & 2012 by Pendragon

Highpipe find in exhaust (left) – for some models in highpipes…(see “info.txt”)
Tested on 1.16.2 – works fine on older versions

Mod supports more than 55 trucks.
Full list in “info.txt.”

Have Fun!

Drivter, Roadhunter, abasstreppas, Nico2k4


One thought on “Highpipe for Trucks Update v5 by Nico2k4

  1. Gerald Payne

    Thanks for a great mod that really works

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