Hills v3 Final


Near Wroclaw

Author: seaLife



11 thoughts on “Hills v3 Final

  1. more details please

  2. has anyone found this road yet? Does it work with DLC?

  3. Traffic come to kick your ### while you climb this at 20km/h as it happen on TSM map.

    1. I hated it when they did that in TSM map LOL!

  4. Work with DLC and 1.5.2 🙂 And it located near aCRES entreprise, betweet the freeway and this entreprise.

  5. no details

  6. is this hill in Wroclaw only or is it in other places too?

  7. if it had that kinda hill all over map it’ll be worth downloading.. not just one area…. so won’t bother

  8. ###!! the wheels of the truck don’t touch the road, driving that hill he flys 🙂

  9. MattNowear2

    Work on version 1.4.12 ?

  10. Does it work on 1.15

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