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Sound for Kenworth K100


Just adapted my new sound (Cummins-Paccar) on the K100.
It sounds very good with that truck.
The truck isn’t from me, ONLY the sound.



The turbo sound has been lowered relative to the video

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24 Responses to Sound for Kenworth K100

  1. kriechbaum says:

    Here’s the good download link :


    The sound of the turbo has been lowered a little bite relative to the video.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi I may be being silly but which dealer can I buy this truck and does it work on 1.5.2? I have all dealers and cant see it.


  3. kriechbaum says:

    it works on 1.4.x and 1.5.2

    you will find it in a daf shop.

  4. Robertcarrizal says:

    but i needed these one for Renault Magnum Cummins ISX Thank You

  5. james says:

    This engine mod ROCKS. Its the first american style truck sound that leave ya breathless and a tired shifting arm after going through an 18 speed shuffle gettin to over 100 KM on a long 30+ hour run on tsm 4.1.1 with DLC included!. You can shift as fast as you can and all sounds are prompt and full. This truck is extremely stable and you will forget to eat if you are a gear jammin fool like me. Im putting this mod on all my profiles (9) to date and may have to get a butler to make sure i dont die from starvation.
    The only other sound i have found so far that is even not this good is the daf new paccar sound but that is not even an american truck.
    SOMEONE needs to make sounds for all the peterbilts.freightliners,and volvo trucks and engine combinations with power like this truck has, even pullin the army tank trailer.
    I have a subwoofer for my computer and even the cat left the room fearing the vibs i was puttin out. My ears are still ringing and now i have to get it restarted because my graphics card could not even keep up with the speed i was traveling.
    If more mods like this come out it is time for a newer computer,Ill just save my food money haha.
    Many,many thanks and ya get 11 out of ten stars on my scale. Keep inventing and I’ll be waitin.

  6. Robertcarrizal says:

    can you give me for renault magnum conversion cummins sound motor thanks!!!

  7. kriechbaum says:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. stmalk says:

    Crap with ugly brake sounds and annoying whistling. Do not recommend.

  9. sure thing says:

    sounds like a spaceship rather than a truck

  10. youri says:

    Could you make a version without the gear change sound?
    I personally think it would sound so much better ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Chrisknowseverything says:

    i dont like the sounds sorry not new and i’d like mabey a detroit not a cummins sorry thats what i kind of like

  12. Sib3rius says:

    As an American, it sounds okay. it’s not the best American sound I’ve heard nor the worst. But hey, not even I can get it right, it’s just that ETS2’s sound format is tricky to work with. For this one, the transition sound isn’t smooth, and everything is too quiet. I’ve ridden in different trucks here in the states and let me say that even in the cab you can still hear the engine, that and it just has that “full” feel to it. So this sound mod could use some improvements, but you made an effort to publish it and let it see the face of the public… I’m hoping to see or hear an improved version sometime soon. The Cummins engine in general sounds totally different, and if you need help for reference videos, you know where to find me.

  13. Jesther says:

    Man you can make one sound of this engine on no sound still change gear? i play on keybord some times, and this sound is not funy to listen many times.

  14. james says:

    This mod works on update 1.7 by scs

  15. pantelos12 says:

    working for all versions?

  16. Ednish says:

    Crashes 1.8

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