HN Immersive Symbols V2.0

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HN Immersive Symbols
This small mod replaces some default game models.
1_ Replaces the icons of the garage companies etc, by a sewer cover that you can place on the floor.
2_ Replaces the symbol for loading and unloading by traffic cones. To make a perfect shock make sure you get the rear wheels of the trailer to the rear cones.
3_ Replaces road termination barriers with invisible models
Changes in v2.0:
Added a reflective cone that illuminates when you park correctly and it is safe to unhook the trailer.
Version game: 1.28x



8 Responses to HN Immersive Symbols V2.0

  1. sjain says:

    Thank you. Very creative ideas and well executed

  2. Mike says:

    gonna help a lot ..thanks for updating this !

  3. Adrian G. says:

    Creative and interesting, thanks.

  4. Luziano says:

    Bem mais realista.

  5. Derp1 says:

    File not found!

  6. sjain says:

    File not found

  7. Honza_CZ says:

    Link not to download 🙁

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