HN Immersive Symbols

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HN Immersive Symbols

This small mod replaces some default game models.

1_ Replaces the icons of the garage companies etc, by a sewer cover that you can place on the floor.

2_ Replaces the symbol for loading and unloading by traffic cones. To make a perfect shock make sure you get the rear wheels of the trailer to the rear cones.

3_ Replaces road termination barriers with invisible models

Enjoy it

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6 thoughts on “HN Immersive Symbols

  1. Pat Stringer

    Thank you so much 😉

  2. Salvador de la Cruz

    With this mod the simulator is more similar to reality, very good idea, thanks

  3. Thanks for the new version 😉

  4. Here we go again. Why does this one not show up on my mod list? I downloaded the ATS version and it works fine but can’t even get this version to show up. Is there some weird trick to this one?

    1. Never mind. The first download must have been corrupted. I downloaded it again and it works fine.

  5. Any update to 1.33?

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