Goldhofer Heavy Cargo Pack

Goldhofer Heavy Cargo Pack

This is a small mod that replaces the textures of the game with those of Goldhofer. It also gives you the option to select the color of the trailer you want (Red, Blue, Yellow)


– Textures: Goldhofer
– Trailer: Selection

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5 thoughts on “Goldhofer Heavy Cargo Pack

  1. Only 550Kb? What the hell is that?
    Standalone? AI Traffic?

  2. No, only new Names for the existing Names of Heavy Pack.
    And for the real Names is always a Mod. 🙂


    Nice, but you should have added real logos for the dozer, crane and loco too 😉

  4. Azarov Vladimir

    I get the heavy DLC free make scs file dlc_heavy.scs

  5. How can i get the mods to work Because i install them and them input them in the mod map of ets2, and activate them But they wont work!

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