Holiday Inn & Novotel Hotel Skin


Holiday Inn & Novotel Hotel Skin
Work on:1.15



9 thoughts on “Holiday Inn & Novotel Hotel Skin

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    These skins are stolen!

    The skins where private made by me

    No merry chritmas this is gonna be

    1. Aaron's trucking


    2. JimmyJoJr

      Considering the VIDEO showing how you claimed someone else’s work as your own, available to view on Youtube, I don’t think you have any room to talk.

    3. Freddy. Shut up you fool. They were done by an honest Skinner Milsyb. Unlike you who lies and makes false accusations about others. I can see you for what you really are.

  2. who already download… do not need. it is the same 07/2014.

    nice mod!

    1. sorry know that, Freddy

      1. aarons trucking

        freddy is lieing he cant say anything from his past

  3. Freddy is a bullshiting pedo

    Freddy is the biggest bullshitting person he hacks everything an he is a pedo Arron’s trucking is telling the trust

  4. I tried it and it didn’t work with the ETS 1.15 with TSM 5.3 versions. Too bad looks like a nice mod 🙁

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