Home Near Poznan

Near-Poznan-1 Near-Poznan-2

It was made purely recreationally for one of the drivers for my business, after his release he will not be needed anymore and I spend it for the good of society.

Authors: GrakuPL & ProMods Team


6 thoughts on “Home Near Poznan

  1. But the users want homes in their countries. 🙂

  2. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    holidays in poznan sounds good too mate
    dont know if this would be good to look for users wishes and build a private house in every beautyful place in every town in every country

    thanks for sharing

  3. можно возле Гданьска на берегу моря

  4. please, put one in each country

  5. Can i use it with promods of a nother map ?

  6. Anthony Perry

    Does it work for TSM

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