Honda Civic Type R v 1.5

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Changelog V1.5:
more parts as option:
– Grill
– Beacons
– Bumper Parts
– Rear Bumpers
– New Spoiler

– Added logo on rim
– invisible texture inside eu interior
– tire texture
– break disc texture
– logo in shop
– prices

ps. do not change mirror as it will go into interior mirror

YOU CAN SHARE BUT KEEP ORIGINAL LINK – if original link is kept i may have more mods comming that i kept private but if i see on yt video/ hosting website i wont release mods that i have planned for release

GRM Modding, TruckersMP Team


21 thoughts on “Honda Civic Type R v 1.5

    Nice mp 3 side for policesirens =)

    Just put the downloaded file into your musicplayer

  2. Scooby123

    Musisz poprawić cienie w interiorze, bo jak się jedzie np. pod słońce to w środku widać cień, rzucany przez światła na dachu.

    1. GRMModding


      1. Scooby123

        Nie wiem jak to sensownie wytłumaczyć…
        Po prostu nie ma cienia w interiorze rzucanego przez dach…

        1. GRMModding

          aha ao interka niema bo niemoge rozlaczyc

        2. GRMModding

          i tak wogole to niewiem czy niebedzie updata do passata z animami bo cos sie juz poduczylem z animami

          1. Scooby123

            O to świetna wiadomość!

          2. GRMModding

            myslalem ze sie uda zrobic ale niestety animy calkiem przestaly dzialac :/

          3. Scooby123

            O kurcze, szkoda 🙁

  3. Please fix side mirrors in UK interior,Thanks.

  4. So great the car, but pls mod advance engineers with 85hp, 90hp, 100hp and more, i think it like real, and add Shifter 5-speed. Thanks.

    1. GRMModding

      i based it of a type s i have (1.8 I-Vtec with 150bhp and 6 speed shifter)

  5. It,s imposible to drive it with specific trailer

    1. GRMModding

      its supposed to be to roam the map and discover map but if you want i can try do some kind of trailer to go with it but the type r is not really a car to pull trailers

  6. Rob Viguurs

    From the inside (Interior Cam) it looks very bright. Are there maybe some texture’s for the windows bugging or missing? because that is actualy the thing why i don’t like to drive this car because that bug. Can you fix that? or know what the causes are?

    1. monster

  7. Ziomek autko zajebiste, dźwięki zrobisz hondowskie i będzie 10/10 🙂

  8. Which dealer(s)??

    1. GRMModding


  9. MAN TGX26.480 Euro6 Driver

    HUGE jdm fan, i only bought jdm until i needed something sensible for the school run and ended up going from 340hp 97’subaru STI to a td4 land rover freelander ? ANYWAY love this mod ? hope to hear a vtec sound in the future as i’ve never in my life come across a diesel type-R haha thanks for sharing, im going to enjoy this

    1. GRMModding

      Hopefully when i go to my home country i will try to record some sounds from the Type S 🙂

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