Honda Civic VTEC2

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Mod version : 1.34

Credits: Hüseyin karadana
fix: samet arıkan

-3 Front Bumper
-3 Exhaust
-4 Lights
-3 Fog Light
-4 Grill
-20 Rims

Hüseyin Karadana


7 thoughts on “Honda Civic VTEC2

  1. mods broken everything is black, I’ve created new profile too, and its still all black

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  3. It’s so unbelievable rubbish!!!! But, when will these awful editions of skoda end?

    1. When some body learns to make Mods and not only publish waste and rubbish.

      Bazı vücut mods yapmayı öğrendiğinde sadece atık ve çöp yayınlamakla kalmaz.

  4. doesn’t+solve+anything,+Everything+is+black+except+Skoda+interiors.

  5. Thanks so so much i love this mod was hoping to see the sound fixed car drives very very well

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