Scania RJL 4,5,6 Series

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Türkish:Mod 1.30x+1.34x Çalışmaktadır 50 Slot Bulunmaktadır İndirip Oynayarak Bize Katkı Sağlamış Olacaksınız V1 Bitti V1.5 Pek Yakında !!
English:Mod 1.30 x + 1.34 x works there are 50 slots you will have contributed to us by downloading and playing V1 over.5 Very Soon!!

Arda Arslan , Muhammed Ekinci , Ali Eren Gündüz


7 thoughts on “Scania RJL 4,5,6 Series

  1. I like truck

    Very boring mod -_-

  2. cptnemo77

    Nice mod, amazing truck sound, thank you ? Could you make a version what overwrites NOT my RJL truck’s existing design?

    1. Muhammet Sıddık

      Thanks for the comment. Hold on for V2.

  3. buen juego y excelentes graficos

  4. Muhammet Sıddık

    Thanks for comment.

  5. yük alabiliyor muyuz_?

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