Honda EP3 Typer + Varex Sound [1.41]

– Vehicle Features –

* 3 Different Front Bumper Options
* 3 Diffuser Options (Carbon, Piano Black, Color)
* 3 pieces of Tailgate Option
* 2 Hood Options
* 2 Different Rocker Options
* 9 Different, 4 Types of Rim Options
* LED Xenon

– Veterans –

* All Coatings And Vehicle Collection: Ömer Faruk Aygün
* Full Independent Convert: Mert İptaş
* Varex Sound: Harun Aras

Faruk Aygun


2 thoughts on “Honda EP3 Typer + Varex Sound [1.41]

  1. Do not download this mod. The engine sound is #### and it does not steer well.

  2. no sound

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