Base Map freedom 1.41

Hello there
This map is the game’s own map. Many places have been changed.
All closed roads in the Scandinavian region, closed places in the city were opened.
In Calais, closed roads and closed areas within the city were opened. new roads were built.
All closed roads and closed places in the cities of Lille, Brussel, Dusseldorf, Duisburg have been opened. and new roads and new buildings were built.
For more information about the mod, you can come to our discord server.
You can take advantage of the mod packs on our discord server.
What do mod packs do?
When you send donations for a certain fee, you get information about mods and early access. For more information just read the text channel on our discord server (donate).
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5 thoughts on “Base Map freedom 1.41

  1. TheNightgames

    On this Discord server you have to pay money to write with the people there.

    So do not join there or you will get rid of the money very fast

    1. Anonymous

      what do you mean?

      1. TheNightgames

        All information around the mod or about the team we ask for money

    2. Just ignore this beginner mapping. It is a scam.

  2. Reiner Zufall

    Absolute Dreistigkeit und Frechheit.
    Wer da auch nur einen Cent spendet, ist selbst schuld.
    Soll er an seinem Mist ersticken.

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