Honda Typer R 1.37

-Suitable Version = 1.37
Those made:
-The sound is here
-Glass Animation Made
– Rain Droplets Will Not Stay On The Glass When The Glass Is Open
-Ui Shadow Added
-Printed Chassis
-Normal Chassis
-A lifelike interior
-Standard, Metallic Color

Animations Available

Quadrant Animation
-Signal Arm Animation
-Wiper Arm Animation
-Outer, Internal Wiper Animation
– Warning Animations
-Animated Odor Ornament
-Glass Animation

Contributors: Mert İrşi

Mert İrşi


26 thoughts on “Honda Typer R 1.37

  1. Remove Turkish licence plates!
    Türk plakalarını çıkarın!


      Lan olm belamısın nesin sik*ir git her yorum altında varsın aptal racist Türkler sik?*n seni WE WİLL NEVER REMOVE TURKİSH PLATE AND YOU ARE NOT ANYTHING MORE THAN A ###### PARENT

      1. şu linkteki piç kurusu olabilir mi acaba?

        1. English: Could it be the b astard on that link? ???
          (Comment with Link)

        2. Yeah, that’s not me anyway

      2. Hello again! 🙂
        No i am not racist, all i am asking is to remove the Turkish licence plates, that’s all. And please, stop saying “we”. You are not related to any of these modders apart from your nationality.
        (btw i am not a parent, so i have no idea where you got that from :/)
        Thanks and have nice day 😀

    2. yine mi sen anasını siktiğimin evladı… GET THE FXCK OF!!!

      1. Oh #### what an insult. im very sad now 🙁
        And no, i won’t “get of”, whatever that means 😉

    3. mod is by Turks! we don’t want to see you here son of a b*tch!!!!

      1. Who cares if it’s by turks? Other car modders don’t shove their licence plates on it, except for Turks.
        And, like the other person, stop saying “we”.
        Have a fantastic day 😀

        1. ffs just remove them these turkish license plates are useless. we want to also put our own license plates just please

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.37…


    siktir git burdan lan artık kodumun veledi

    1. bana ulaşır mısın lütfen senin için insta açtım @larsdenenpic diye 😀 tanımam lazım bu kralı

    2. English: f u c k off, get out of here now

      1. I forgot: Reply before 20 Hrs. from TÜRKİYE – TÜRKİYE

  4. But, is it so important that the license plate is turkish? Frankly, I don’t get it. For me the important thing is that the mod is well built, that it is standalone, detailed, good sound, with abundant animations, many functions and that it can be hooked with the trailer car to carry loads. And I don’t care exactly if the license plate is turkish, spanish or canadian. In any case, it’s easy to change it.

    1. No, it is not that important, i still download the mods anyway. However, is there a need to have them place them on EVERY SINGLE car mod they make? I don’t see why an SCS one will not do
      and how can you change it, if editing it is forbidden ?

  5. For me, it´s a shame, how this “Peoples” still writing here.
    Insults and their Replies only in their Language. They take us all for ######?
    We have 4 Families in our residential building, all are good friends of ours.
    I show them the Replies and the told me, that they ashamed of their countrymen.

    Writing in their Language, why? They are all Cowards and have nothing to say at home. But never forget: the Internet is not a lawless place.

    This Thread should be announced to the Admins. Before “they” are here, we have never a way to write like this.

    And all that for a simple friendly Question… ?

  6. Hey guys, I love this mod, but I don’t really like the seating position. The highest point isn’t high enough for me, and the B pillars get in the way of my field of view when I try to look left to make a turn.

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  8. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

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