Sequential Turn Signal Mod

※ It’s a translation, so I’m sure there are some funny things about it.

This MOD changes to a flowing turn signal. It also includes an improved taillight flare

Recommended settings

“It is recommended to turn off the “bloom” in the console or something like that”

uset g_bloom “0”

Orange Flare [option]


DOWNLOAD 101 KB [mirror]

11 thoughts on “Sequential Turn Signal Mod

  1. This+mod+won’t+work+for+me!+:(

  2. JGaming HD


    HD video 1.37…

  3. Dont work. I had bloom off.

  4. Great mod, however the mirror link seems to be a download for some orange flare mod so if you want the sequential turn signal mod you need to download it from the first link (steam workshop)

  5. Apologies+you+need+to+click+the+mirror+link+for+the+steam+download

  6. Buddisebi

    Can you make it for daf to?

  7. which+is+the+password+of+the+achivo+zip+of+the+mod

    1. what is password

  8. Nathan9186_YT

    Heyy i test it in 1.36 (cause i don’t want to pass in 1.37) and it’s work !
    the mod work whit scania pgrs mod too 😉
    best mod ever bro !
    and for me i don’t need to turn the bloom off ^^
    (sorry for bad english)

    1. en que camion te sirvio???

  9. Kushagra Mehrotra

    What is the file password? it asks for a password when opening pls help.

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