HornBlaster Train Horn XL for P8 Horns

Don’t Blow Your Temper, Blow Your Horns!

HornBlaster Train Horn XL for P8 Horns, you will need Powerkasi addons v1.2 to use this mod.

Place this mod in higher priority than the powerkasi addons v1.2.

Crutu Styling Workshop


4 thoughts on “HornBlaster Train Horn XL for P8 Horns

  1. Woah! That horn rocks!
    Thanks, mate & best regards

  2. Just- me

    Link to powerkasi addons v1.2. Pleace.

    1. copy&paste ‘ur question in #ur favorite search-engine – and voilà: the first link is it…
      lazy 4 christmas?

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