Hotfix for Hungary Map v 0.9.28a [1.30]

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HotFix for compatibility with Hungary Map v0.9.28a and ETS 2 1.30.x!
Downloading and activating it is absolutely necessary to use the track!
Hotfix replaces “hungary_def.scs”, both can not be used together!

The order of activation of files: (The numbering goes upwards from bottom to top of the activation list!!!)
3. HM_def_hotfix_0.9.28a_1.30.x_byIndian56.scs
2. hungary_model.scs
1. hungary_base.scs

Attention: Hotfix only makes Hungary Map compliant with version 1.30, mods are not !!!



11 thoughts on “Hotfix for Hungary Map v 0.9.28a [1.30]

  1. THANKS !!!!

  2. Where can I find the map link of hungary?

    1. This is the link for the map mod. 😉

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…


  5. every time got crash when loading first time ( cant play )

    1. First you put the data in a new profile, but DO NOT CREATE. Now place the mods in the informed order and confirm. Now select the game mode: hungary.mbd > Done, you can confirm the creation of the profile. Hope this helps. Good game

  6. Profile Exit and crash ets2

  7. Can you tell me where to find all truck dealers plssss 🙂

  8. KottyanZsolt

    When the whole of Hungary map is expected:??

  9. is this still work if i have v1.31

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