Hotfixes for Iveco EuroTech and EuroStar


This hotfix applies the following changes to this truck mod:
1. Engine brake effectiveness decreased -> more realistic
2. Cleared obsolete attribute motor_brake from game log
3. Fixed exterior glass window tinting -> now more realistic and less bright
4. Added new startup sound for truck (other engine sounds still need work)

How to install: Apply this fix with higher priority than the truck mod.

Feel free to merge this fix in future iterations of the truck mod.

Note: The Iveco EuroTech is an old mod and still needs some love and effort into the interior modelling, animation, engine sounds, etc..

Drive Safely


7 Responses to Hotfixes for Iveco EuroTech and EuroStar

  1. Diablo says:

    Thanks for your time this modification

  2. lanker says:

    Yes thanks a lot, long time ago this mod was a crap but now it’s beautifull!

  3. Legenda says:

    Thanks, not alot of moders are working on older, legendary trucks! Keep up&Support from me!
    If you have the tools, and knowledge, feel free to work and update this truck, because it has potential, its a good 3D model, just need animations etc.
    Thank you!

  4. leonardo says:

    Gme crash if you chose Iveco Stralis as the first truck

  5. Wowilla says:

    Уже лучше – ждём обновок !!!

  6. Mixer66 says:


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