House In Paris


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Your House In Paris
Tested 1.26 Game Version



12 thoughts on “House In Paris

  1. We need dlc France?

    1. @Melios no 🙂

    2. Yes

      1. Please look at the picture guys, it’s not necessary to have the DLC as it’s not on the map as I can see

  2. HD Test 1.26…

  3. works with vive la france?

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. bikermike2412

    Im having promods, balkan and rusmap in my game game, and i can not find the house. Is it not compatible with the maps?

  6. I have the answer after having tested it, it is not compatible with the DLC Vive la France, pity I went home I park without worries, on the other hand on the road there are problems with the map Certain wheel points are bugé and completely blocks access to it.

  7. salut

    Great house possible to make one on marseille?
    thank you, friend

    1. Works under with dlc vive la france and promod 2.15

  8. hey please update a 1.27…

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