How to drive BMW X6 Clearly [TUTORIAL]

How to drive BMW X6

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This video was created for those who rolled over with BMW
This car dont roll over with a clear drive. You can drive with 120 when speedlimit 80 but you should be careful in curves.

Warning: I guess video blocked for a few countries for song


Author: furkansevke

6 thoughts on “How to drive BMW X6 Clearly [TUTORIAL]

  1. Useless

    1. like you

      Its perfect mod ever i seen

  2. TruckSimMods

    Video test v1.18 HD:

  3. the video is dam dark lol

  4. Very great to see the car back since a few years.
    I tested it and I just hate how SLOW it is. Even in sequential mode, the transmission make the car go slow!
    Make it more sportive please 🙂

  5. marvel dave


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