Hungary map new textures 1.0.5 1.37x

– This is a texture package for the map of Hungary, but you can use it on another map.

-Load the last known location. “High priority”

– Textures of roads
– Texture of vegetation
– Texture of the sky
– Textures of lights
– Brighter colors
– Some unnecessary files are also deleted.
– Redesigned sky textures
-New leather interior for basic truck: Black, White, Beige.

-Please use the original download link. Thank you.
Have fun..

I collect for beer : Thanks



8 thoughts on “Hungary map new textures 1.0.5 1.37x

  1. Jano, I’ve been a fan of your mods for a long time. What you have here for us is great. The interior of the truck alone has become great. The testure and vegetation is also very nice on the standard map. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you fmad. It is still worth dealing with mods. Sure, there are characters who don’t like it, but not everyone can be good with that particular mod.

  2. Yeah, this character just took a bunch of mods and textures made by other people and has thrown them into this and claims he made a mod. No wonder more and more true modders are giving up on ETS…

  3. MinecrafterDE15

    Compatible with ProMods and other maps?

    1. Hello! It was tested on the original map and on the Hungarian map. I did not try with other maps..

  4. Hello,
    Hello, I identified a texture error concerning the snow, the texture is magenta

  5. hello the map needs dlc?

  6. silverfox

    what is the load order for this map

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